Fitness Classes on State Park Property
If your organization would like to conduct group fitness classes (such as yoga) at a state park, you will need to obtain a Small Business Special Use Permit. Your first step is to contact the Regional Manager at the park you are interested in using. For a complete list of parks, visit RIParks.com.
If the Regional Manager gives you permission to apply, they will provide you with instructions. Be aware the following conditions apply to businesses conducting fitness classes on state property. 
  1. Any weekend date requested from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend requires a site rental. 
  2. A $25 Small Business Event Impact Cost will be assessed for each day of classes approved.
  3. The Small Business Event Impact Cost will be waived if the organization rents a site.
  4. Each organization is allowed a maximum of ten classes per year and no more than one per week.
  5. There may be no more than 25 people per group.