Food Truck Information

Find Your Food Truck

Great local food provided by Rhode Island food trucks is served at select locations in Rhode Island State Parks. 

RI State Parks have a carry in-carry out policy, which means there are no trash cans for general use. Food trucks will provide a trash receptacle for the exclusive use of their customers. If you take your food to another location in the park, please help us keep our parks clean and take your trash home with you. Thank you!
To help you find the food truck in your favorite park, we've provided links to locations below. Food trucks are not available every day. For the most up-to-date dates and locations, go to the RI Parks Events Page or the Community Calendar.

Approved Food Trucks for State Park Program

The following food trucks have been approved to participate in the State Park Food Truck Program. This program enables food trucks to rent daily spaces in a variety of state parks and to serve private parties that have advance approval for their event.
A Mano Pizza & Gelato
Email or call 401-256-1836
Facebook Instagram or Twitter: @a_mano_pizza
Atomic Blonde Ice Cream
Email or call 401-263-1960
Facebook  Instagram: @atomicblondeicecream
Baja's Restaurants 
Email or call 401-642-8013
Big Dog Eats
Email or call 401-219-8998
Blount Clam Shack
Email or call 508-567-9358
Facebook Website Instagram: @blountclamshack
Butterhead Sandwich Company
Email or call 401-855-4986
Facebook Website Instagram: @butterheadri
Casa Tia Rosa
Email or call 401-440-8833
Cluck Truck
Email or call 401-367-4232 
Cultro LLC
Email or call 401-425-1503
Instagram:  @Cultro_pvd 
Email or call 401-428-3666
Haven Brothers Mobile
Email or call 401-603-8214
Kona Ice of Warwick/East Greenwich
Email or call 401-323-1977
Facebook  Instagram:@konaicewarwickeg
La Costa Lobster and Tacos
Email or call 401-578-2917
Facebook Twitter or Instagram: @lacostanpt
Email or call 401-309-1832
Mickey G's Clam Shack
Email or call 401-651-1769
Mumsy's Ice Cream Delight
Email or call 401-486-6507
Palagi Brothers Ice Cream
Email or call 401-359-1408
Facebook Website Twitter or Instagram: @palagibros
Park & Cove Ice Cream Company
Email or call 508-468-7020 
Plouffes Quality Catering 
Email or call 401-626-9638
Facebook Website  Instagram: @PlouffesofPawtucketEmail
Rara's Surf Shack
Email or call 401-255-9410
Rise and Grind
Email or call 401-889-4713
Facebook  Instagram: @riseandgrindcoffeetruck
Rocket Fine Street Food
Email or call 860-689-5585
Scoop T's Ice Cream
Email or call 401-787-2012
Instagram: @scooptsicecream
Suset Beach Oysters
Email or call 401-374-5301
Facebook Website
Email or call 401-400-1556
The Little Ice Cream Truck 
Email or call 774-289-6706 
Twisted T's
Email or call 401-575-3133
Village Greek
Email or call 401-529-1690

Food Trucks for Private Events in State Parks

Park patrons who wish to hire a food truck for a special event must select a food truck from this list or ask their desired food truck to register as an approved food truck.

Here's what you need to know:  
  1. The organizer of any event requesting a food truck should first contact the park management at the Rhode Island State Park where they are hoping to host the event. You can find a list of parks and their phone numbers at Any proposed event must stay within social gathering limits and abide by any other restrictions associated with the COVID-19 public health emergency, and approval of your event is at the discretion of park management.
  2. Park patrons who wish to hire a food truck for a private gathering must select a food truck from the list of Approved Food Trucks for RI State Parks or ask their desired food truck to register as an Approved Food Truck.
  3. Food trucks serving private events may not park in the spaces designated for the State Park Food Truck Program. The park management will instruct you where the food truck may park for private events.
  4. There is no daily charge for food trucks to serve at a private event, as long as they have an annual Food Truck Permit. Food trucks serving private parties are not permitted to serve the general public and must be paid directly by the host of the event.
  5. If food trucks have any questions about how to become an Approved Food Truck in the State Park Program, please call 401-667-6200.

Food Truck Registration

Food Trucks interested in participating in the State Park Food Truck Program, as well as those who wish to serve private parties in RI State Parks, must first obtain an annual Food Truck Permit. The cost of this permit is $100. The permit remains active for one year from the date of approval, as long as your insurance and MFE license remain active.
Here's how to obtain a Food Truck Permit for RI State Parks:
1. Create your Community Profile with login and password. Once you're logged in, you can proceed. Every time you use the site, start by logging in.
  • Your current Rhode Island Mobile Food Establishment (MFE) license, issued by the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulations.
  • A Certificate of Insurance indicating "The State of Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management is named as additionally insured on a primary and non-contributory basis and subrogation is waived for the additional insured."
  • The Certificate Holder is The State of Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, 235 Promenade St., Providence, RI 02908.
  • Here's a sample Certificate of Insurance to show your insurance company.
3. You'll receive an email from RI State Parks when your registration has been approved, along with an invoice for $100 for the annual permit. We'll also provide details on how you can begin booking spaces at designated food truck spots in state parks throughout Rhode Island, and we'll list you as an Approved Food Truck on this website. If you have any questions, please call 401-667-6200.