Recreation Companies at Rhode Island State Parks

Recreation Companies providing services such as, but not limited to, bounce houses, obstacle courses, pony rides, or petting zoos who are interested in serving private events within Rhode Island State Parks, must first obtain a Annual Recreation Company Permit.
Rhode Island State Parks has a carry in-carry out policy, which means there are no trash cans for general use. 
Recreation Companies are responsible for the setup, breakdown and complete removal of all equipment or items provided by your company, immediately after the event!  We ask your customers be reminded to please help keep our parks clean and take their trash home with them.
Pony rides and petting zoos are only permitted in certain locations, and only with advance approval. 
Colt State Park does not allow pony rides or petting zoo's. 
Recreation Companies must contact the Regional Manager of the park before making arrangements to ensure the location is suitable.  
Note for Recreation Companies that provide bounce houses:  Only standard bounce house/inflatables and recreational equipment are permitted.  Water-based inflatables, dunk tanks and ziplines are prohibited.  Any items that fall outside of standard recreational equipment must be approved in advance by the Division of Parks and Recreation.  When a customer requests your services for use on RI State Park property, make sure they have secured permission from the Regional Manager for the specific equipment or service you are providing.
Recreation equipment and services provided by Recreation Companies, are only permitted in the RI State Parks below.   
  • Colt State Park, Bristol (Approved Bounce House sites)
  • Fort Adams State Park, Newport
  • Goddard Memorial State Park, Warwick
  • Lincoln Woods State Park, Lincoln 
Approved Recreation Companies 
For a list of approved Recreation Company go to the RI Parks Events & Rentals-Special Use Policy & Permits Page
Recreation Companies Hired for Private Events
1. Park patrons who would like to request the services or equipment provided by a Recreation Company must select a business from our list of Approved Vendors, or ask that their desired company become an approved vendor or obtain a One-Day Small Business Permit.  
2. Recreation Companies who are interested in becoming an Approved Vendor must obtain an Annual Recreation Company Permit ($100). Recreation Companies interested in a One-Day Small Business Permit ($25) require the Recreation Company to submit a Special Use Permit Request through our online portal at least 30 days in advance of the event (If you are interested in submitting a Special Use Permit Request, please contact for instructions).  **Both permits require the Recreation Company to provide with a Certificate of Insurance (COI) that meets the requirements set by the RIDEM/Division of Legal Services. 
3. Recreation Companies serving private events may not set-up in rental sites or fields that have not been approved by Park Management. Approval of events are at the discretion of Park Management.
4. There is no daily charge for Recreation Companies to provide their equipment or services at private events, as long as they have an Annual Recreation Company Permit.  Recreation Companies are not permitted to provide their equipment or services to the general public and must be paid directly by the host of the event. 
For questions please call 401-667-6200 or email 
Any proposed event must stay within social gathering limits and abide by any other restrictions associated with the COVID-19 public Health emergency. 

How to Apply for an Annual Recreation Company Permit

Permits are active for one year from the date of approval, as long as the Certificate of Insurance (COI) that we have on file for your business remains up to date

1. Create your Community Profile with login and password.  Once you are logged in, you can proceed.  Every time you use the site, start by logging in.
2. Go to the Recreation Company Membership Page and click on "Enroll". Complete the profile form. 
3. You will need to submit a Certificate of Insurance (COI) Email Insurance Certificates to Erin Rogers at  Please see below for insurance requirements. 
4. Once your insurance is approved, you will receive a $100.00 invoice for administrative processing costs, and an email from RI State Parks, when your permit has been approved.  
UPDATE!  We are currently in the process of switching credit card processing companies.  Until further notice, all payments for Annual Recreation Company Permits must be made by check.  
Please make checks out to the State of Rhode Island and mail them to: RI/DEM, 1100 Tower Hill Road, North Kingstown, RI 02852.  The name of your company and the invoice number should be noted in the memo line of your check. 
Once your permit has been issued, you will be listed on our website as an Approved Recreation Company Vendor. 
The Description of Operations on your insurance MUST indicate:  The State of Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management is named as additionally insured on a primary and non-contributory basis and subrogation is waived for the additional insured. 
The Certificate Holder on your insurance MUST read:  The State of Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, 235 Promenade St., Providence, RI 02908
If you have any questions, contact RI State Parks at 401-667-6200, or email