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Welcome to the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management's Community Website. From this site, you'll be able to register for a variety of activities.

Step One: Create Your Community Profile 

To use this site, you'll first need to create a username and password for your account.  Go here to create your Community Profile with login and password. Save this site to your favorites, and then log on each time you use the site.

What Would You Like To Do?

Host an Event at a State Park Property or Management Area: Visit the Host An Event page to learn more about hosting an event at a state park, beach, bike path, management area or other property managed by RI Parks & Recreation or the Bureau of Natural Resources. Or, if you're already familiar with the process, go directly to the Reservation Page.

Register a Food Truck in State Park Food Truck Program: Visit the Food Truck page to learn more about the State Park Food Truck Program. If you're already an approved member of the program, go directly to the Registration Page to register for specific dates and locations. 

Register a Bounce House for use in State Parks: Visit the Bounce House page to learn more about registering your bounce house for use in state parks.

Register for a Lifeguard Exam: Visit the Lifeguards page for more information about scheduling lifeguard exams (in season). 

Questions? Email Cindy Elder or call 401-465-9605.