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Welcome to the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management's Community Website. 

What Would You Like To Do?
Host an event at one of Rhode Islands State Parks, Management Areas or Coastal Resource Properties 
*Before applying for any event on RI DEM, State Park Property you must contact the individual park first. For a list of park contact information, go to the RI State Parks Contact Page.
Visit the Events & Rentals page to learn more about hosting an event at a state park, beach, bike path, management area or other property managed by RI Parks & Recreation, the Bureau of Natural Resources or the Division of Coastal Resources. 
Become an Approved Vendor
Register to become an Approved Food Truck to serve private events at RI State Parks. Visit the Food Truck page to learn more about the RI State Park Food Truck Program. 
Register to become an Approved Recreational Equipment Company to provide bounce houses and other recreational equipment to private events in RI State Parks.  Visit the Recreational Equipment page to learn more. 
Register to become an Approved Picnic Company to provide your services at private events within RI State Parks.  Visit the Picnic Company page to learn more.
Register to become an Approved Photographer to provide your services within RI State Parks.  Visit the Photography page to learn more.
Register for a Lifeguard Exam.  Visit the Lifeguards page for more information about scheduling lifeguard exams (in season). 
Questions? Call 401-667-6200 or email RI Parks.